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The Significance of Storage in the "Cost of Risk" of Digital Preservation Policy/Guideline

The article discusses using cost-of-risk as the main method for determining preservation strategies especially in regards to storage solutions. The ...

The Signal: Digital Preservation Web Resource/Report

Home page of the Library of Congress' blog relating to digital preservation issues. Many digital preservation topics and projects are discussed.  

The InterPARES Glossary Policy/Guideline

A controlled vocabulary of terms used in the InterPARES Project.

The Governance and Recordkeeping Around the World Newsletter Web Resource/Report

An "online newsletter that explores and highlights issues pertaining to government and recordkeeping practices in the public and private sector."

The Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles Policy/Guideline

Similar to the self-assessment being taken by the State Archives or the Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model, these principles can be used ...

The Conservation Center - Disaster Response Web Resource/Report

Company that specializes in assisting with disaster response for "art, heirlooms, and antiques after ...

The Benefits and Risks of the PDF/A-3 File Format for Archival Institutions Policy/Guideline A report that discusses the issues relating to the PDF/A-3 standard that allows non-archival content to be embedded into the documents. The costs and ... 0
Text:MD Technical Metadata for Text Standard

XML Schema that details technical metadata for text-based digital objects.

Text Messaging Policies Policy/Guideline

Outline of four policies around how to manage text messaging in local government business situations.  All local governments should develop ...

Technology Watch Reports (DPC) Web Resource/Report A set of 16 published reports on various topics written to provide an advanced introduction to issues related to establishing or running services with ... 0
Technical Standards for Capturing Digital Images from Paper or Microfilm (MI) Policy/Guideline

The technical standards for capturing digital images from paper or microfilm for Michigan.  Discusses the idea of archival records, agency responsibilities, ...

Teaching with Primary Sources (SD State Historical Society) Web Resource/Report

Archives resources for teachers for South Dakota History Day, Teaching with Primary Sources, and South Dakota Treasure Chest for 4th Grade History.  

Teacher Resources (Wisconsin) Web Resource/Report

Tools from the Wisconsin Historical Society to help students research history by using helpful guides and lesson plans. Includes sections for: ...

Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) Web Resource/Report Description and information about the TIFF file format. 0
Sustainable Economics for a Digital Planet: Ensuring Long-Term Access to Digital Preservation (Final Report of the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access) Policy/Guideline A report that explores the sustainability factors of long-term digital presevation and associated challenges. 0
Sustainability of Digital Formats Planning for Library of Congress Collections Web Resource/Report

This site is devoted to the analysis of the technical aspects of digital formats. This analysis will inevitably have implications for policy matters, ...

Submitting Electronic Records to the Missouri State Archives Policy/Guideline

The Electronic Records Archives at the Missouri State Archives accepts records that belong to a record series on a State Records Commission approved ...

Strategic Information Systems Planning: A Template for Use in Public Sector Agencies Web Resource/Report

This draft report contains guidance on information systems planning for state and county agencies. The report contains information on pre-planning stage ...

States of Sustainability: A Review of State Projects funded by the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) Web Resource/Report This report reviews and summarized the four state led NDIIPP projects, including discussing the lessons learned, implementations and recommendations for ... 0
State Records Management Manual Best Practices (KS) Policy/Guideline

Chapters titles include Agency Records Officers, State Records Board, Records Management and the Law, Records Surveys, Records Retention and Disposition ...


Displaying Resources 41 through 60 of 544

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