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E-Mail Management (SC) Policy/Guideline

Guidelines that provide the legal framework around email management in SC.  A discussion of email, instant messaging, voice mail.  Public records ...

E-Mail Guidelines for Public Employees (WY) Policy/Guideline

FAQ format for a guidance document about E-mail.  Discusses email in regards to public records, retention, types of records, attachments, and organizational ...

E-mail as a Public Record (NC) Policy/Guideline

Policy discusses general policies about email and its use, managing email as public records, e-discovery, appropriate use of email, security, and training.  

Duplicate File Finder Resource Guide (UMN) Education/Training Duplicate File Finder is a Windows based program that finds duplicate files. To assist with file management, found files can also be deleted. This guide ... 0
Duke DataAccessioner: Review (Practical E-Records) Education/Training A review of Duke DataAccessioner based on a specific set of criteria for use in small archive settings. A follow-up guest post by Ben Goldman discusses ... 0
Dublin Core (DC) Standard The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set is a vocabulary of fifteen properties for use in resource description. The fifteen elements described in this standard ... 0
DSpace Tool DSpace is an open source digital asset management system, institutional repository. It provides a fixity checking through unique ID's, persistent identifiers ... 0
Dryco Web Resource/Report

A vendor that can assist with emergency response needs and more.  Website provides details on rentals, climate control, general services and emergency ...

DROID: User Guide (UMN) Education/Training

A guide that describes how to use DROID.

DROID: How to Use It and Interpret Your Results (UK Nat.Archives) Education/Training

A user guide for DROID written by the UK National Archives, the program creator. This guide provides background information on what DROID is, what information ...


A software tool designed to perform automated batch identification of file formats. The tool can also generate checksums and collect file level metadata.

DRAMBORA: Digital Repository Audit Method Based On Risk Assessment Web Resource/Report

This self-assessment tool helps organizations understand the risks they may face and their potential impact of these. The interactive tool does require ...

dPlan: The Online Disaster-Planning Tool Education/Training

A free online template for creating and maintaining disaster plans.  "dPlan provides a template that allows museums, libraries, archives, and other ...

Downloadair Tool This is a tool that allows you to download photos from Flickr, both from accounts that you are the administrator for as well as for accounts that you don't ... 0
Download a copy of your Gmail and Google Calendar data Education/Training

The post links to Google's export data form, which prompts the user through steps to archive data from Google products.   A blog ...

DocuSign How-to Guide Education/Training

A How-To guide on working with DocuSign an electronic signature vendor (NC specific).

Documents for the Classroom (Maryland) Web Resource/Report

Document Packets cover a variety of topics and eras in Maryland history and are designed to bring primary sources into the curriculum. Online ...

Document Reprocessors Web Resource/Report

Vendor specializing in wet document restoration with a focus on libraries, institutions, and government agencies.  Find resources relating to book ...

Document Management - Electronically stored information - Recommendations for trustworthiness and reliability Standard

Describes the implementation and operation of document management systems that can be considered to store electronic information in a trustworthy and ...

Disposal of Digital Information Web Resource/Report A discussion about disposal of digital information including if appropriate authorities are being used, if there are drivers or barriers to digital disposal, ... 0

Displaying Resources 401 through 420 of 544

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