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An Introduction to Using the Command Line Interface (CLI) to Work with Files and Directories (AV Preserve) Education/Training

Guidelines for working with the command line interface for Windows and Mac OS. Basic commands such as listing the current directory; changing directories; ...

Utah Social Media Use Guideline for Government Agencies Policy/Guideline

Guidelines intended to help organizations make informed decisions regarding social media strategy, usage, and management, thereby mitigating risks associated ...

Electronic Imaging Guidelines (NE) Policy/Guideline

Guidelines issued by the State Records Administrator for use by state and local government agencies for use when developing any new electronic records ...

Electronic Records and Records Management Practices (FL) Policy/Guideline

Guidelines that address public records policies and procedures, managing electronic records, public records, e-discovery, cloud computing, management ...

Electronic Messaging and Electronic Mail Guidelines (NE) Policy/Guideline

Guidelines that define email and records, discuss basic principles about email, system selection and implementation, proper use of email, access to ...

E-Mail Management (SC) Policy/Guideline

Guidelines that provide the legal framework around email management in SC.  A discussion of email, instant messaging, voice mail.  Public records ...

Guidelines for Responding to Open Records Requests for Public Records in a Database (KY) Policy/Guideline

Guidelines to assist state and local government agencies in responding to open records requests for records stored in an electronic database. These ...

The Signal: Digital Preservation Web Resource/Report

Home page of the Library of Congress' blog relating to digital preservation issues. Many digital preservation topics and projects are discussed.  

Library of Virginia Microfilm Storage Guidelines Policy/Guideline

Imaging Services at the Library of Virginia (LVA) receives microfilm, microfiche, and optical media for security and archival storage from historical ...

Record Services (Minnesota State Archives) Web Resource/Report

In additional to resources on electronic records management, and preservation, links to examples of records management forms including record transfer, ...

Digital Preservation: Special Issue of Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ) Web Resource/Report

Includes articles that discuss preservation metadata, trustworthy digital repositories, audio/visual digitization guidelines, and other information.

Recommended Environmental Conditions for Storing Various Recording Media (MI) Policy/Guideline

Includes list of environmental conditions to consider when selecting or designing a records storage facility.  Provides a best practices graph of media/temperature/humidity/storage ...

Washington State Standards for the Production and use of Microfilm Policy/Guideline

Information about the minimum standards that must be adhered to in the selection, preparation, storage, and handling of film intended to be security ...

Extensible Markup Language (XML) Web Resource/Report

Information about XML.  What is it, what is it used for, examples.  Information about the schema, security, transformation, query, components, processing ...

Foundations: Record Inventory and Appraisal Web Resource/Report

Information and case study about creating a record inventory with sample documents.

State of Montana E-Mail Guidelines: A Management Guide for the Retention of E-Mail Records for Montana State Government Policy/Guideline

Information and documentation on how to determine what emails to keep and for how long. Details are provided on how to organize preserved emails.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (FEMA) Policy/Guideline

Information on how to conduct hazard identification and risk assessments for multi-hazards, drought, earthquake, flood, hurricanes, landslides, and ...

Building a Metadata Schema - Where to Start Policy/Guideline

Information on how to develop a new metadata standard that meets your organizational needs.

Idiot Guide No. 4: Karen's Directory Printer Education/Training

Information on how to use Karen's Directory Printer for analyzing materials, calculating checksums, and capturing information about digital files as ...

Authentication Web Resource/Report

Information on the methods and associated costs of authentication. Background information on the legal concerns and development of a model law for authentication. ...


Displaying Resources 201 through 220 of 544

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