SERI Steering Committee

The SERI Steering Committee is co-chaired by Veronica Martzahl (MA) and Tim Baker (MD) and is made up of CoSA Board Members, CoSA Members, and SERI Subcommittee Representatives.

The SERI Steering Committee works to:

  • Develop and recommend to the CoSA Board a Ten Year Sustainability Plan for SERI.
  • Adopt the proposed agenda items for the SERI subcommittees and ask each subcommittee to develop a work plan.
  • Develop funding strategies to sustain SERI during Phase III and over the long-term.
  • Leverage SAA, NAGARA, and NHPRC (partnership) and IMLS interest in SERI and electronic records collaborations.
  • Recommend CoSA staff and volunteer responsibilities for SERI to the CoSA Board.
  • Coordinate the timing and planning of future Self-Assessments and SERI surveys (from working groups).
  • Propose to the CoSA Board a mechanism to disseminate information to all state archives staff.
  • Distribute tasks - aid in the recruitment to identify new people for involvement with SERI.

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