SERI Education & Programming Subcommittee

Education & Programming Subcommittee Tasks

  • Develop a mentoring program among the states and territories to provide advice and assistance in moving electronic records programs forward.
  • Develop and encourage electronic records proposals for participation at conferences and meetings.
  • Work to establish a mechanism for state and territories to share work informally in concert with the Tools & Resources Subcommittee.
  • Develop a framework for a path forward for improving electronic records programs in individual states in concert with the Tools & Resources Subcommittee (looking at customizing the National Digital Stewardship Alliances' levels of preservation as one possible model).
  • Continue to create training opportunities to meet the ongoing and changing needs of electronic records and digital preservation in state governments.
  • Consider developing or recasting programs that may have the ability to generate revenue for CoSA and SERI.

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