SERI Advocacy & Outreach Subcommittee

Advocacy & Communication Subcommittee Tasks

  • Contact the National Governors Association (seeking partnership with NASS and NASCIO) to outline the challenges faced by the State Archives community in electronic records and digital preservation and to seek more resources and support.
  • Develop and distribute, with SERI Steering Committee approval, a State of State E-Records report to communicate the challenges and opportunities faced by the states and territories regarding electronic records.
  • Manage and further foster the SAA, NAGARA, NHPRC, and IMLS partnership and interest in SERI and electronic records collaboration.
  • Highlight and promote the work and advancements of individual state electronic records programs.
  • Develop and promote Twitter, and social media generally, campaigns around specific events, dates, and products around electronic records.
  • Develop additional electronic records awareness materials.
  • Distribute Governance Manuals and Standards to CoSA members developed by the Tools & Resources Subcommittee.
  • Continue to enhance and promote Electronic Records Day (October 10).

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