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Year End Appeal


Gift to Walch Leadership Fund


Gift to Walch Leadership Fund

This fund, named in honor of former CoSA Executive Director Victoria Irons Walch, supports annual leadership awards recognizing the work of veteran and emergent state archives leaders. The contribution you make is fully tax-deductible.


Emergency Fund Donation


The Emergency Fund will support supplies needed by state and territory archives recovering from natural disasters.


Emergency Preparedness Products

Pocket Response Plan™ PReP ™ Envelopes


Pocket Response Plan™
PReP™ envelopes

Protective Tyvek™ envelope is the size of a credit card and designed to hold the Pocket Response Plan (PReP). Allows staff and key volunteers to carry the PReP with them for quick retrieval of critical emergency information. Developed as part of CoSA's Emergency Preparedness Initiative.

One packet contains 10 PReP envelopes.

If you're interested in ordering 10 or more packets, please contact the CoSA office at or 502-229-8222 for special pricing.


Rescuing Business Records:A Disaster Planning Guide for Small Businesses -- Electronic Download


Released October 2009
Full color. 34 pages.

Rescuing Business Records details the records that will help a small business survive a disaster and rebuild in the aftermath. 

Each manual includes:

  • a checklist of records, with space for recording whether and where the record is duplicated;
  • various options for duplicating and protecting records, and the pros and cons of each;
  • a discussion about why certain records may need to be certified; and
  • a brief introduction to caring for records.

The books’ author, David Carmicheal, is the State Archivist for Pennsylvania and led CoSA’s nationwide effort to better protect essential records after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. “As I talked to people who live in hurricane- and tornado-prone areas, they ask me what records their family should protect in the event of a disaster. Their concerns led to the first manual. The manual for small business seemed a natural outgrowth from that.”


Rescuing Family Records: A Disaster Planning Guide (Paperbound)


3rd edition, released 2013

Full color, 24 pages


Rescuing Family Records: A Disaster Planning Guide - Electronic download


Rescuing Family Records: A Disaster Planning Guide - Electronic download


Safeguarding a Nation's Identity: Executive Summary


The readiness of state archives to protect the records that identify who we are, secure our rights, and tell our story as a nation.

2006. 8 pages.


Local Government Products

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