Insights and Exploration of Metrics for Born Digital Records Processing

When:  Jul 23, 2024 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)

As increasing amounts of archival material are in born digital formats, how does that change our future planning for staffing and other resources? What, if anything, do metrics tell us? The Archives and Special Collections Department of the University of Minnesota Libraries began tracking the time spent to ingest and process born digital archival materials in 2015. Following further refinements to the data collection process in 2020, they were able to accrue over four years worth of data documenting the time required for about a dozen different tasks in the workflow. Cross-referencing this time tracking data with other information about the accessions, such as size at various points in the workflow, has been instructive. This presentation will discuss observations that were (and were not) able to be made based on this data, and the ways they've been able to use it to improve their workflows and acquire additional resources. In addition, the challenges of gathering and analyzing this type of data will be discussed.

Come hear about the Insights and exploration of metrics for born digital records processing collected by the University of Minnesota Libraries Archives and Special Collections. There will be time for questions and discussion.