Preservation Plans and Processing Workflows

There are many different ways to address the influx of digital materials.  Some organizations have begun to develop processing workflows and preservation plans that address long-term monitoring.    

  • The Minnesota State Archives documents its digital collections with preservation plans which facilitate the management of the collections over time.  Each collection has its own preservation plan which consists of a record in an Access database; capturing information and documenting it within a defined set of fields. The database format allows users to search by keyword, and sort by file type, date, collection name, and more to find information on any/all of the included collections.  The preservation plans document information about the collection as well as fixity information and documenting backup plans.  A full description of the Minnesota State Archives Preservation Plan and the fields can be found here.  A Preservation Manual was also written to document the workflow for collecting the information recorded in the Preservation Plan.

Other states and organizations have also documented their workflows.  

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