Capturing metadata is a very important aspect of managing, preserving, and providing access to electronic records.  Information about the files themselves as well as what has happened to the files over time is important metadata to capture and record.

Some tools that have been developed to assist with metadata capture include:

  • Exif Metadata Extraction Tool: This tool helps extract Exif metadata from photographs and produces reports in CSV or XML. Carleton College wrote a guide on how they use this tool.
  • Metadata Quality Control: This program allows you to compare metadata from a 'known source' file to the metadata of one or more files. The program notifies you if the metadata from the non-source files does not match the metadata of the source file. This is useful if you are using vendors or a larger group of people to process files and you need to verify the consistency of the metadata. The University of Minnesota Libraries wrote a guide on how this program created by AVPreserve could be used.  AVPreserve also has a user guide.

For additional tools that may assist you with the identification and capture of metadata, review the other self-directed training guideline sections.

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