AIIM and SAA Webinars for CoSA Members

As our members seek to expand their capacity to manage state electronic records, the SERI project recognized the critical role continuing education opportunities play in training staff for these responsibilities. Before the grant wraps up on September 30, 2015 we anticipate using the remainder of the funds to support this training in a few expanded ways. All states and territories have the opportunity to access online training from the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) and the Society of American Archivists (SAA).

AIIM Webinars

CoSA has completed an agreement with AIIM to allow each state and territory to take two online webinars or webinar series produced by AIIM. These include:

These may be taken at no cost to your state. CoSA members will contact Michelle Turner to receive a registration access code. Please be sure to refer to the SERI grant when contacting Michelle Turner. Webinars will be available to complete at your convenience.

SAA Webinars

CoSA has entered into an agreement with SAA that will allow our members to register for selected webinars from the Digital Archives Specialist series of courses. Each state and territory will be able to select two of the following courses:

the SAA courses will be available at no cost to members. Registration for the SAA courses will be handled through Becky Julson. Please provide Becky with the primary contact name, email, and selected course. Once a member selects an SAA course, the webinar should be available within one week to ten days. Access to the webinar can be made available to all staff members for two months.

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