Directory of State Archives


Louisiana State Archives

State: Louisiana
Secretary of State
General Phone: 225-922-2880
Name: R. Kyle Ardoin
# Resources: 0

Additional Contact

Title: Records Management
Phone: 225-925-7552
Name: Carrie Fager Martin

Additional Contact

Title: Archives
Phone: 225-922-1000
Name: Melanie Montanaro

Maine State Archivies

State: Maine
State Archivist
General Phone: 207-287-5793
Name: David Cheever
# Resources: 4

Maryland State Archives

State: Maryland
State Archivist
General Phone: 410-260-6402
Name: Timothy Baker
# Resources: 2

Additional Contact

Title: Administrator
Phone: 410-799-1930
Name: Michael Swygert

Massachusetts Archives

State: Massachusetts
Executive Director
General Phone: 617-727-2816
Name: Michael Comeau
# Resources: 7

Additional Contact

Title: Archivist of the Commonwealth
Phone: 617-727-2816
Name: John D. (Jack) Warner

Michigan History Center - Archives of Michigan

State: Michigan
State Archivist
General Phone: 517-373-1415
Name: Mark Harvey
# Resources: 3

Additional Contact

Title: Director
Phone: 517-373-6362
Name: Sandra Sageser Clark

Additional Contact

Title: Director, Records Management Services
Phone: 517-335-9450
Name: Brice Sample

Minnesota Historical Society

State: Minnesota
State Archivist
General Phone: 651-259-3265
Name: Shawn Rounds
# Resources: 13

Additional Contact

Title: Director
Phone: 651-259-3100
Name: Kent Whitworth

Mississippi Department of Archives and History

State: Mississippi
Director, Mississippi Department of Archives and History
General Phone: 601-576-6856
Name: Katie Blount
# Resources: 0

Additional Contact

Title: Director, Archives and Records Services Division
Phone: 601-576-6823
Name: David Pilcher

Missouri State Archives

State: Missouri
State Archivist
General Phone: 573-751-4717
Name: John Dougan
# Resources: 5

Additional Contact

Title: Secretary of State
Phone: 573-751-2418
Name: John R. Ashcroft

Additional Contact

Title: Pricipal Assistant for Boards and Commissions
Phone: 573-526-1981
Name: Brian Rogers

Montana Historical Society

State: Montana
State Archivist
General Phone: 406-444-7482
Name: Jodie Foley
# Resources: 2

Additional Contact

Title: Deputy Secretary of State
Phone: 406-444-9009
Name: Joe DeFilippis

Nebraska State Historical Society

State: Nebraska
State Archivist
General Phone: 402-471-4783
Name: Gayla Koerting
# Resources: 2


Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records

State: Nevada
State Archives Manager
General Phone: 775-684-3319
Name: Cynthia Laframboise
# Resources: 0

New Hampshire Division of Archives and Records Management

State: New Hampshire
State Archivist and Director
General Phone: 603-271-2236
Name: Brian Burford
# Resources: 0

New Jersey State Archives

State: New Jersey
Executive Director
General Phone: 609-292-9507
Name: Joseph Klett
# Resources: 0

Additional Contact

Title: Head of Outreach Services
Phone: 609-984-3297
Name: Veronica Calder

New Mexico Commission of Public Records

State: New Mexico
Deputy State Records Administrator
General Phone: 505-476-7926
Name: Georgette Chavez
# Resources: 0

New York State Archives

State: New York
State Archivist
General Phone: 518-474-6926
Name: Thomas Ruller
# Resources: 5


North Carolina State Archives

State: North Carolina
General Phone: 919-814-6840
Name: Sarah Koonts
# Resources: 18

Additional Contact

Title: Deputy Secretary
Phone: 919-814-6840
Name: Kevin Cherry

State Historical Society of North Dakota

State: North Dakota
State Archivist
General Phone: 701-328-2090
Name: Ann Jenks
# Resources: 3


Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Archives at Northern Marianas College

State: Northern Mariana Islands
Academic Librarian
General Phone: 670-237-6797
Name: Samuel Crawford
# Resources: 0

Additional Contact

Phone: 670-237-6795

Ohio History Connection

State: Ohio
State Archivist
General Phone: 614-297-2536
Name: Fred Previts
# Resources: 4

Oklahoma Department of Libraries

State: Oklahoma
Administrative Archivist
General Phone: 405-522-3191
Name: Jan Davis
# Resources: 0

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