Programming for Digital Preservation and Metadata

Programming for Digital Preservation and Metadata

Nov 12th 2:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Presented by: Brian Thomas, Texas State Library Commission

As a means of getting things done, programming can pay major dividends compared to the time it takes to learn. Going through the example of converting a homegrown correspondence management system database into item level metadata, this webinar will cover the basics of the python programming language that were used to get the task done. Beyond the specific scripts used, topics will include methodology and logic, resources to figure out how to solve problems that get you stumped, and making a case for taking work time for learning a skill that can provide stunning results.

Audience(s): Archivist Practitioners, Archivist Managers

No technical expertise is required. Some familiarization with Python beforehand, however, is encouraged. This link from the Programming Historian website provides a good entry point to Python as well as other languages:


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