New Infographic: When to Trust Your Eyes

Apr 13, 2020

Screenshot 2020-04-08 10.21.21.png

Pictures are compelling – articles and posts with photos have higher click-through rates than those without.  But it is also easier than ever to create or alter images to influence how people think about the world. To help people identify altered images CoSA, CoSLA, and NASS worked together to create an info-graphic. When to Trust Your Eyes: How to Catch an Altered Image. This info-graphic has five tips to help make sure you know which pictures to trust and which to view skeptically. It encourages you to consider several categories when evaluating an image: 

  • Bends and distortions
  • Reflections and light
  • Look for the blur
  • Check the date
  • Get help from technology

This is a companion piece to the info-graphic developed in collaboration in 2019, “When is Information  Misinformation?”  That piece provided tips to help people find the trusted information they need on the internet.

Both info-graphics are collaborations of Council of State Archivists, the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies, and the National Association of Secretaries of State, and were made possible by funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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