FY 2020 Archives and Records Management Survey (ARMS) Committee Launched

Apr 27, 2020

FY 2020 Archives and Records Management Survey (ARMS) Committee Launched

Just when you thought you’d finished digesting the data from the FY2018 State of State Records survey it’s time to start thinking about the next one! On Monday, April 13th New York State Archivist Tom Ruller convened the inaugural call of the FY2020 ARMS Committee. The committee finalized the timeline for distributing the survey and discussed breaking the survey into smaller, more easily manageable parts that may not be so overwhelming for respondents. The group also agreed to look more closely at three sections of the survey for the next meeting, as well as consider areas to add specifically around documenting the broader record-creating context in our states and territories (and D.C.).

And of course, overshadowing all our discussion is the impact the current pandemic will have on survey results. Undoubtedly reference statistics and accession numbers are going to be greatly impacted by closures and social distancing. And it remains to be seen how the situation is going to impact budgets and staffing levels. The ARMS Committee is investigating ways to make sure to present the data in context and make sure that it gets out in a timely manner to support decision making and planning.

If you have any feedback or questions about the survey questions or process, please feel free to share it with any of the committee members listed below or send it to Survey Contractor Veronica Martzahl at veronica.martzahl@gmail.com


Committee members:

  • Dave Joens, Illinois
  • Becky Katz, Washington D.C.
  • John Dougan, Missouri
  • Carrie Martin, Louisiana
  • Shawn Rounds, Minnesota
  • Tom Ruller, New York
  • Mike Strom, Virginia
  • Allen Ramsey, Connecticut
  • Barbara Teague, CoSA


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