Parsing the State of State Records Report: Agency Configuration and Placement

Dec 20, 2019

Parsing the State of State Records Report: Configuration and Placement

By Veronica Martzahl

This is the second in a series of posts looking more deeply at the data in the State of State Records biennial report.

While all states and territories have an agency charged with preserving and providing access to the permanent records of state government, each one has its own character based on its placement in the overall state government structure and configuration. The majority are joint archives and records management programs (42), but some are separate programs (14).

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In some states, such as Alabama and Mississippi, separate, independent agencies exist while others, including Connecticut and Wisconsin, place archival and records management programs within existing, related departments such as state libraries or state historical societies. The largest number of state archives are under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of State’s office although some, for example the programs in Nevada and Colorado, are placed in general services or administration and finance departments. Departments of education, such as the program in New York, and state university systems like the one in Georgia, are home to a handful of archives and records management programs.

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