CoSA Announces 2019 Award Recipients

Jun 19, 2019

CoSA Rising Star Award

Katherine (Kate) Telford, Digital Archivist, Rhode Island State Archives

Kate Telford joined the RI State Archives team as Digital Archivist in October 2018, and is responsible for the ongoing ongoing creation, maintenance, and description of digital archival records. She processes physical collections and prepares them for digitization, spear heads the online catalog data entry and clean up for consistency of records and metadata, manages the linking relationship between the online catalog and digital archives, and assists interns in their role in addressing the back log of collections and their input into the online catalog. In addition to her work with the digital program, Ms. Telford also works hand in hand with her colleagues for public events, student educational field trips, and providing reference to every day Rhode Islanders seeking to learn about their own history or our unique state history. Her dedication to identifying and pursuing the best practice for digital archiving and coaching her colleagues on steps to bring the Rhode Island State Archives into peak service is an immense and valuable contribution.

Upon joining the team as Digital Archivist Ms. Telford reviewed the current online systems, ArchivesSpace and Preservica, and immediately began a comprehensive review of all changes in their operation and what steps, if any, were necessary to take full advantage of these systems. She has scanned, ingested, or described thousands of digital objects for the Digital Archives, linked them to their associated catalog record in ArchivesSpace, and set up the process for automated syncing and linking of future accessions. She has expanded catalog records with additional descriptive metadata and sub series, drafted new State Archives electronic records policies for File Naming Conventions, Preservation Framework, and Common Workflows so that all State Archives staff have the resources necessary to work in the online systems successfully as a team, and expanded and input EAD finding aids into the catalog to make more collection data accessible on a single platform as a researcher resource. This work has increased our ability to meet the needs of the public while having the opportunity to showcase the unique aspects of our collection.

Kate demonstrates daily her ability to work collaboratively and to manage projects on her own. She understands the importance of organized information and seamlessly pairs her processes with the policies, procedures, and standards of the Department of State. Her ability to evaluate and consider the end user demonstrates her skill in assessment and public service which drive our work every day.

“Kate is an enthusiastic collaborator and a pleasure to have as a member of the State Archives team,” writes Ashley Selima, RI State Archivist. “Her focus, attention to detail, and self-driven attitude prove great assets to the State Archives and she is a tremendous asset to our program.”


Victoria Irons Walch Emerging Leader Travel Stipend

Tyler Stump, Archivist II, Pennsylvania State Archives

Tyler Stump began working for the Pennsylvania State Archives in July 2016, fresh out of graduate school from the University of Maryland with a year of working at the Smithsonian Archives. “Tyler’s primary role at the State Archives is to acquire and accession records from key state agencies, a task at which he has been spectacularly successful,” says PA State Archivist David Carmicheal. “His tact and approachability have allowed him to succeed in securing records that have sometimes eluded the Archives for decades.”

One of Tyler’s first appraisal trips was to the Waymart Correctional Institution (formerly Farview State Hospital for the Criminally Insane). The hospital’s superintendent was retiring and turned over Farview records he had found. This immediately sparked Tyler’s interest in finding more information about the institution, which he used to write an article on the hospital for publication in a special issue of Pennsylvania History on disability history. Since the Department of Corrections and the Department of Human Services were agencies he assisted, he has been able to acquire more records from Corrections and state hospitals. He has been given the opportunity to speak to groups in the agencies, receive sensitive records that normally may have been destroyed and written articles about correction records at the State Archives in their employee newsletter. He also has been tenacious about collecting state hospital records and has become a champion for disability rights activists who would like to have access to the records. Due to HIPAA laws and state mental health laws, access to the records has been limited. Tyler has worked on presenting why these records should be saved, despite access issues, and has pushed to make sure that people do have access.

In addition to his main duties, Tyler assists with many training opportunities for local governments and state agencies, regularly assists with reference questions, and finds time to write articles for the magazine of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Pennsylvania Heritage. His articles have been so well received, that the editor of the magazine has asked if Tyler can contribute full articles because “[his] work researching and writing ‘Picturing PA’ has been exceptional.”

"In the office Tyler is a classic example of one who ‘leads from the middle,’ which he does by consistently modeling professionalism and camaraderie," says Carmicheal. "Outside the office he takes an active role in the Mid‐Atlantic Regional Archives Conference, serving on committees ranging from programs to mentoring."


Victoria Irons Walch Leadership Award

Anne W. Ackerson, Former CoSA Executive Director (2013-2017)

The CoSA Awards Committee is pleased to announce that Anne W. Ackerson, CoSA’s former Executive Director, is the recipient of the 2019 Victoria Irons Walch Leadership Award. Anne served with distinction as CoSA’s Executive Director from January 2013 to December 2017, and continues to contribute to CoSA in many ways, especially in her continuing work as its Communications and Development Coordinator.  

During her five-year tenure as Executive Director, Anne brought numerous projects to successful conclusions for CoSA while at the same time launching new initiatives. With her background in non-profit development, Anne consistently demonstrated forward-thinking leadership by fine-tuning CoSA’s strategic plan, facilitating focused conversations, and streamlining processes. Anne improved management of CoSA's board, committees, task forces, and created and improved relationships with other groups and partners. She grew CoSA’s corporate sponsor program with additional opportunities and initiated an annual giving campaign to help fund awards, scholarships, and disaster recovery assistance.  Her focused strategic thinking, willingness to provide advice and assistance, and dedication to broadening support for state and territorial archives have served as an inspiration to CoSA members and allied groups.

From Anne's first work with CoSA, facilitating the Archival Issues and Advocacy Summit with leaders of allied organizations in Annapolis, Maryland, on December 6, 2012, to her work with CoSA that is yet to come, Anne has been a consummate and dedicated professional who improved CoSA's management, administration, and financial position. CoSA is honored to have Anne as this year’s recipient of the Walch Leadership Award.



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