Secretaries of State Visit Alabama Department of Archives and History

May 16, 2019

Secretaries of State Visit Alabama on a Three-Day Voting Rights Tour

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Secretaries of State meet Alabama Governor Ivey.
The National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) Executive Director Leslie Reynolds accompanied twenty-one secretaries of state, and their guests on a voting rights history tour in Birmingham, Selma, and Montgomery, Alabama May 9-11. They stopped by the Alabama Department of Archives and History for dinner and a tour, where Director Steve Murray underscored the CoSA-NASS relationship. Steve said, "In addition to mentioning areas where we work together, I encouraged secretaries who oversee state archives to ask how their organizations benefit from CoSA’s work and to support staff involvement in CoSA professional development opportunities. To the secretaries who don’t oversee archives, I suggested that they reach out to the archives in their states and look for ways to work together on issues of common concern."
The secretaries were given copies of “The Importance of State Archives” and the new, jointly sponsored infographic, "When is Information Misinformation?".

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