State Archiving in the Digital Era: A Playbook for the Preservation of Electronic Records

Oct 18, 2018

StateArchivingInTheDigitalEra_PlaybookForThePreservationOfElectronicRecords_2018-10_page1.jpgThe Council of State Archivists (CoSA) and the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) developed the a playbook for digital preservation of state electronic records. The playbook features eleven plays, or high level descriptions about how to address challenges related to digital preservation, that should help both state CIOs, state archivists, and other state leaders think about the best ways to preserve archives in this digital era.

CoSA and NASCIO are supporting the work that state CIOs are currently engaged in as it relates to the digital preservation of state electronic records. The playbook also encourages collaboration, for instance: state archives and records management staff can help state CIOs apply their current efforts more effectively toward digital preservation by providing insight into state laws and statutes, and current practices.

The playbook is part of the work of the Archives Collaborating and Cooperating with External Strategic Stakeholders (ACCESS) is a project of the State Electronic Records Initiative (SERI) of the Council of State Archivists (CoSA) that has been funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) through its National Leadership Grant program. This grant is helping CoSA to deepen engagement with stakeholder organizations and to enhance awareness and ongoing stewardship of electronic records.

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