CoSA's Sustainability and You

Jan 24, 2017

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In just two days, CoSA's Member Webinar series kicks off with our traditional look forward for the organization. It'll be a little different, too, because we've chosen to focus on a limited number of reports and conversations, essentially, those that speak to the big pieces of our mission and strategic plan:  sustainability, advocacy, SERI, and member recognition.  We want to give each topic its due and give you, our members, the opportunity to contribute to the conversation.

Organizational sustainability was brought before the membership at the Annual Meeting last August.  A task force was formed of colleagues from around the country who have been meeting monthly to consider stakeholder input, internally assess our strengths and weaknesses, and, ultimately, come up with a way forward for CoSA that robustly meets your needs while being financially successful.

We hope you'll join us on Thursday, January 26th, at 3 pm EST, to listen and share with the board and staff.

For information and to register, visit the website. 




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