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Apr 06, 2016




CoSA is continuously trying to improve and enhance our communications with members.  We would like to add more ways to deepen member and stakeholder engagement beyond our monthly member webinars and quarterly newsletter.

One of the ways that the Program Committee is helping CoSA do this is through building communities of practice within the CoSA membership.  Communities of practice are groups of peers who share a common concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly with each other – not dissimilar to the sections and round tables in SAA.  We envision that CoSA’s communities of practice would be largely self-directed and self-regulating – in other words, you choose what you want to talk about and when, and pick your own methods of communication.  To assist in our efforts to build these communities of practice, we would appreciate your time in completing the following short survey.  Please share broadly with your staff that may have an interest in or benefit from a community of practice.

Another way the Program Committee is helping the membership is by working to continue to improve CoSA’s new, integrated website by assembling and encouraging the creation of content for the website and the resource center.  One approach that the Committee is taking is working with other CoSA committees and task forces to gather any materials they may be producing suitable for the website.  The Committee would like the input of the membership on what content they would be interested in seeing on the website and in the resource center.

Existing topics in the resource center focus on those materials that were migrated from the PERTTS Portal and are thus concentrated on electronic records.  The Committee would like to expand topics and resource types to include resources on general topics, including best practices.  These resource can take the form of forms/samples, policies/guidelines, standards, and tools, preferably in document forms rather than web sites.  To assist the Committee in gathering these resources, please take a few moments to fill out the following survey.

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