The State Copyright Resource Center

Dec 11, 2015


The State Copyright Resource Center at Harvard “aims to clarify the ambiguity around the copyright status of state-produced works.”  The site helps researchers understand the laws in each state, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia regarding copyright of state government information or state government publications (including posters, surveys, pamphlets, etc.) but not public records.  The initial overview is given by a color-coded map (see above) on the spectrum of public domain (green) to copyrighted (red).  The colors indicate the openness score for each state which is a quantification of all of the indicators identified that a state will or will not assert a copyright interest in their public records.  Clicking each state gives details of the laws surrounding the publications, examples, and references to find the statues and more information.  This will be a living document.

The State Copyright Center is also partnering with Free State Government Information (FSGI),  a group seeking to clarify the law in each state to ensure the widest possible access and use of state government information.  The group is comprised of librarians and other information professionals, researchers, students, educators, creators of government information, and government policy makers.

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