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National Coalition for History (NCH) NCH is a consortium of more than 50 organizations that advocates on federal legislative and regulatory issues affecting historians, archi…


Current Policies and Statements Code of Conduct Policy, 2018 Conflict of Interest Policy Whistleblower Protection Policy Non-Discrimination Statement Policy on Sponso…

Non-Discrimination Statement

Download a complete PDF copy of CoSA’s Non-Discrimination Statement

Whistleblower Protection Policy

Council of State Archivists requires directors, officers, employees and contractors to observe high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and re…

Update: Preserving Electronic Government Information (PEGI)

CoSA President Tim Baker gives an update on the last PEGI activities.
Guest Blogger: Tim Baker, Maryland State Archivist and CoSA President   In October 2017, the PEGI Project Team converged at GPO’s FDLP annual meeting in Arlington, Virginia …

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