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Emergency Preparedness Products Local Government Products General Merchandise CoSA Donation Funds Make a donation or browse our quality CoSA products below. Products are perfect f…

Manual for SHRAB Members & Coordinators

SHRAB Member Manual Purpose of the Manual for SHRAB Members This online Manual for SHRAB Members has been developed to enhance the knowledge base and effectiveness of the State H…

New SHRAB Members

Welcome and Congratulations! Members of the Commission and its staff as well as the appointing officials in your state and your fellow citizens appreciate your willingness to part…

SHRAB Resources

We have collected here a selection of resources that SHRABs should be aware of and are encouraged to use, especially as they provide advice and assistance to repositories in their…

State Electronic Records Initiative

A National Risk: The State of State Electronic Records Report, 2017 by Barbara Teague, CoSA SERI Consultant This exhaustive report examines the breadth and impact of CoSA's St…

CoSA Webinar Series

2021 CoSA Member Webinar Series This year's theme is Adaptable Archives. Member webinars typically occur on the 4th Thursday of the month at 3 pm Eastern. For a listing of …

Introduction to Records and Information Management Presentation

Why take this course? Sound records and information management practices are fundamental to the efficient and economical operations of any government agency. When disasters strik…

CoSA Awards Program

The Council of State Archivists Awards Program acknowledges institutions, individuals, and programs that have enriched and strengthened our nation's state and territorial archives…

CoSA Meetings

CoSA members meet jointly with colleagues from SAA and NAGARA annually in late summer in different cities throughout the country.  The meeting includes sessions of interest to sta…


DEFINITION: The state/territory has a formal decision-making framework that assigns accountability and authority for the preservation of electronic records with permanent his…


DEFINITION: The organization charged with the preservation of permanent electronic government records must proactively mitigate the risks associated with technology obsolesce…


DEFINITION: The government unit charged with ensuring preservation and access to permanent legal, fiscal, operational, and historical electronic records should issue its digi…

Case Studies and Examples

Government Email Symposium CoSA and the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) hosted a symposium on government email on September 15 at the National Arc…

Related/Additional Framework Topics

In addition to the SERP Framework elements, State Archive Staff have identified the following topics as areas of interest.  Information on each area has been provided based on res…


This glossary defines many of the terms and abbreviations used when discussing the management, preservation and access of digital materials and was compiled from a variety of …

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