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Council of State Archivists (CoSA)


FY2008 Survey of State Archives and Records Management Programs

The Council of State Archivists is conducting a survey of state archives and records management programs, collecting selected core data for FY2008 in the following areas:

  Description activity
  Access to records

  Records scheduling
  Reference activity
  Issues and initiatives


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On October 22, 2008, CoSA staff mailed packets to all of the state and territorial archivists and to the state records managers for those states in which the records management program is managed by a different agency from the state archives.

That packet contains the following items:

Instructions for completing the survey that take you step-by-step from initial data collection to online submission.

A blank copy of the survey form (Word, 74KB) to use as a worksheet to help you record information as you gather it. Also available as a PDF file (33KB).

The State of State Records, all three components of the report based on data gathered during the FY2004 and FY2006 surveys.

Please read the instructions carefully before you begin. If you have any questions or need assistance in completing your state’s survey, please contact CoSA staff.

This FY2008 ARM survey is designed to fulfill CoSA's commitment to maintaining reliable and up-to-date data on state and territorial archives and records management programs nationwide. This is one of the briefer surveys, focused on collecting specific core data, that CoSA conducts every two years. Longer, more comprehensive surveys are conducted every 10 years, with the next one scheduled for FY2014.

States may obtain a complete copy of the FY2006 survey form with the data they submitted earlier by contacting Vicki Walch (vwalch@statearchivists.org or phone 319-338-0248).

You may also find data submitted in earlier surveys in reports prepared by CoSA staff:

FY2006 (key data) in The State of State Records

FY2004 , conducted in 2005
(comprehensive), also in The State of State Records

FY1994, conducted in 1995-96
(comprehensive, conducted in cooperation with NAGARA)

FY1992, conducted in 1993

All of these earlier surveys were funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.