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Council of State Archivists (CoSA)


CoSA Framework for Emergency Preparedness

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CoSA developed its Framework for Emergency Preparedness during 2006 as a central focus of Phase One of its Emergency Preparedness Initiative.

The framework includes:

An Assessment which guides state archives and records programs through the questions they must ask themselves to determine their current preparedness strengths and weaknesses. This assessment also provides benchmarks by which each state can measure progress as they implement statewide planning and preparedness measures.

Results of the first round of Assessments, completed by state archives and records management programs in 2006, are contained in the report, "Safeguarding a Nation's Identity."

Templates for the Pocket Response Plan (PReP), a basic preparedness document which each state can use to collect and maintain the most critical information needed to respond to any kind of emergency, including key contacts, designated roles and responsibilities, and suppliers of essential goods and services.

A Toolkit that provides guidance and a resource directory for addressing the concerns identified through the assessment and for locating contacts and suppliers while completing the preparedness document.