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Council of State Archivists (CoSA)


CoSA Framework for Emergency Preparedness

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Assessment of Emergency Preparedness
in State Archives and Records Management Programs

The Assessment of Emergency Preparedness is one component of CoSA's Framework for Emergency Preparedness.

Download a copy of the CoSA Assessment of Emergency Preparedness (Word document, 38pp, 760KB)

The Assessment is a questionnaire designed to help state archives and records management programs assess their current emergency preparedness strengths and weaknesses. It also provides benchmarks by which each state can measure progress as it implements statewide planning and preparedness measures. It evaluates:

Status of the state archives and records management program’s own preparedness, authority, and resources for emergency response;

Records-related preparedness in other state government agencies and in local governments;

Records-related emergency planning and response assistance available to nongovernmental archival repositories and other organizations statewide;

It then summarizes the most significant strengths and weaknesses found during the Assessment and establishes priorities for immediate, mid-term, and long-term action to improve records-related planning and preparedness.

The Assessment is intended to be conducted yearly to review statewide disaster preparedness for the state ARM program. The process will not only help to determine to what extent the program is prepared, but also identify additional actions it should take to achieve greater preparedness and allow it to measure progress from one year to the next.

Adapting Assessment for other types of archives and records management programs

Archives and records programs other than those at the state level are encouraged to use the Assessment and adapt it for their own use. In particular, CoSA would like to see something similar developed for use by local governments and will include that as a priority in Phase Two of the overall Initiative.

Other Framework Components:

Pocket Response Plan (PReP)

Toolkit (in development)