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Photos of Damage in Mississippi
from Hurricane Katrina


These photos were taken during two visits to Mississippi September 14-16 and September 18-20, 2005, by a teams of conservators and archivists.

The photos were taken by Christine Wiseman and David Carmicheal, both of the Georgia Archives.

Biloxi Public Library (Wiseman)

Biloxi Public Library (Wiseman)

Local history collection, Biloxi (Wiseman)

City clerk's record book, City of Bay St. Louis (Wiseman)

Harrison County, minute books (Wiseman)

Damaged legal files, Beauvoir, MS (Carmicheal)

Historic photographs (Wiseman)

Hancock County Historical Society (Wiseman)

Local damage (Wiseman)

Local damage (Wiseman)

Local damage (Wiseman)

Remains of Waveland City Hall (Carmicheal)

Cars in ditch near Waveland (Carmicheal)