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Council of State Archivists (CoSA)


Closest to Home: Archival Programs for Local Government Records

Milestone Documents

The following represent significant reports on local government records from a national perspective from the mid-1960s to the present.

See also 2006 survey conducted for the LGATF project.

1964: Ernst Posner, American State Archives. Standards for state archives concerning the care and preservation of local archives (2 pp)
(Word document, 27 KB)

1976: David Levine, "The Management and Preservation of Local Government Records: The Report of the State and Local Records Committee," including results of a survey of of state archives' programs for managing and preserving local government records, American Archivist (April 1977): 189-199. (PDF, 174 KB) Permission to post granted by the Society of American Archivists.

1982: National Association of State Archives and Records Administrators, Principles of Local Government Records (5 pp)
(Word document, 27 KB)

1983: Richard J. Cox, "Consultant Report: Local Government Records Programs," pages 19-36 in Documenting America: Assessing the Condition of Historical Records in the States (18 pp)

1987: Howard Lowell, "Elements of a State Archives and Records Management Program" three benchmarks concerning responsibilities for local government records (1 p) (Word document, 27 KB)

1993: Council of State Historical Records Coordinators, Data on local government records programs and services in state archives and records programs. (Word document, 643 KB)