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Council of State Archivists (CoSA)

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Online Newsletters issued by
State Archives and Records Management Programs

NOTE: If your state archives or records program has a newsletter posted on the Internet, please send information about the link to Vicki Walch, COSHRC Program Director.

Last updated March 15, 2010 .

Alabama Government Records News
Florida Technical Bulletin
Idaho News from the Library and Archives
Illinois For the Record: Newsletter of the Illinois State Archives
Maryland The Archivists' Bulldog: Newsletter of the Maryland State Archives
Mississippi Mississippi History Newsletter
New Mexico Quipu: Newsletter of the State Records Center
New Jersey New Jersey Gazette, a a collaborative production of the New Jersey Historic Trust, the New Jersey Historical Commission and the Division of Archives and Records Management.
Pennsylvania Access Archives
South Carolina

On the Record

Texas The State Record
The Local Record
Virginia Records management newsletters
Wyoming Old News

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Last updated: March 15, 2010 .